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Tag search results for: "nba 2k21 mt"

You can not really make a Lebron or KD

Xiamu | Aug 23 | Tags: nba 2k21 mt
They began the dev cycle it wont get additional, if it wasn't implemented as an idea b4. You look at all of the 2K's prior and can see the evidence in this history that is subs simply search wishlist from the search bar. Since MT NBA 2K21 was released they have took the behind the back, buffed badge development, nerfed pro-am rep to make it...

NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition

Xiamu | Aug 7 | Tags: nba 2k21 mt
In terms of the MT, yeahhhh that is the problem:/ If higher costs meant lowering MT, that will make me more happy. However, these companies are not going to throw away a"great thing". This needs to be a sign of a standard. I really don't think 2K is based on NBA 2K21 MT Coins MSRP for gain, I saw both 2K and Madden both being marketed for $25...