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Jun 22 '18 | By Yakunitatanai | Views: 69 | Comments: 0

This point. BLUNT.  Like there is a point but not an actual point. Lol Magulo. It is how you want  certain people in your life, you love them, you want them to stay but you do not like them anymore. There, the battle starts. A rush of unknown emotions keep coming through and you just suddenly get tired from all of the same. CUT THEM OFF. The other side of you says so. The subtle, forgiving side  that rarely dominates,  it however, always succumbs to the whiles of  the other. Then, you end up pruning people off your life and you couldn't figure out if you are happy about it. Oh well. There must be a reason. THERE FUCKING IS. You will realize that in the nearest of the futures that this life is headed to, WITH YOU and just a few people that you need. YOU DO NOT NEED EXTRAS. Just enough or less. QUALITY over QUANTITY, no matter how cliche it sounds.

So random vent.

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