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To up the birthday cheer for OSRS'7th birthday

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Apr 14 | By chen | Views: 127 | Comments: 0
To up the birthday cheer for OSRS'7th birthday
To up the birthday cheer for OSRS'7th birthday, in addition, there are 7thanniversary exclusive merch in the Official Merch Store! A pin that is detailed is included by RuneScape gold one of the items from Angels Scrapes which includes Tim and Crunchy. Another new addition to the Official Merch Store does not necessarily commemorate the birthday of OSRS, however much more for Ironmen. Ironman varsity jackets are also up for grabs if you are looking to showcase your Ironman status.

With things as they are right now, no doubt we will see even more birthday occasions for Old School RuneScape. Despite not having greater rewards for your birthday event this year like OSRS double and gold EXP, it's wonderful to realize that OSRS is more powerful than ever. What event do you prefer to watch for the next year's yearly birthday event? Tell us about it!

Runescape Archaeology update will be unearthed next month

RuneScape developer Jagex have confirmed the release date for their long awaited Runescape Archaeology expansion announced last year.The Cambridge based game studio will be rolling this out exciting new update at the end of next month on March 30th. The major highlight here will be the Runescape Archaeology Runescape player skill. For those who don't play RuneScape, there are 27 skills like Farming, Herblore, and Cooking that help define your character, each labeled with hours upon hours of articles to explore.

Runescape Archaeology will bring up the total to 28 abilities and it will have a max skill level of 120 when it launches in March. Free to play with users will be able to get their hands dirty and sample those 20 degrees which Jagex estimates at about two hours of Runescape Archaeology content. Here is last 12, what we learned about the skill during RuneFest.

RuneScape's dream realm of Gielinor will soon play host to numerous dig sites where Runescape players can excavate artefacts. You'll then have the choice to source collectors for buy OSRS gold these items or donate them to a museum. Described as a skill that is multifaceted, Runescape Archaeology involves collecting, production, and trading, while having an influence elsewhere in Runescape game.
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