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I run full sprint down to edge

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May 11 | By MMOexpsitefans | Views: 104 | Comments: 0
Anyway a couple days after my sister's friend had a"surprise" for me personally. I was excited. More money? Cool armor? I couldn't wait. He led me onto a journey. Past the goblins that were powerful, past a great town, past the magic wizards, and into a land I had never seen before. A place had the dark glare of everlasting doom. We are currently walking RS gold and talking on the phone. I am at my home because he guides me, and I am talking to him on my sister's phone. Once we reach a certain stage in this unsettling location (I am imagining deep wildy because he was a greater than me) things get quiet. Too quiet.

Im frantically calling back! I'm under attack! Wtf is happening! Nooooo!!!!! I'm dead. After a couple of calls, they finally pick up. Laughing as hard as possible. I'm devastated. Heart broken. I have lost everything. I have no reason. I told my mom and cried. She got onto my sister and left my sister's friend give me my stuff back. It was the mithiril he had given me. I was once again reborn from the ashes of defeat. We still laugh about it til.

This will get lost but far back in the afternoon I got invited to make the intro for a pk video, pretty hard work but I was fairly certain I had it handled, I was prepared for fame. They told me to get my 3 coolest items and follow along with, no big deal I maintain 3 things on death. So then I followed them to the madness altar in profound crazy, looking to be an absolute gigachad I might add, I had been sporting my granite platebody, dragon med helm, and granite maul.. So these men trade he strikes me and me a gray chinchompa.

Then says today I will not skull and to strike him and he will mention the line for your movie, so I clicked him my brother had only started watching and realized what was happening, we had such trash web that for whatever reason it really did not even attack, so he's yelling at me I'm spam clicking the floor and panicking, it does not even skull me and my brother yells to run, so in my granite counter, plate, and dmed I run full sprint down to edge in complete panic the entire time, I will NEVER help those guys make a video again!

I can remember the time I got scammed. Was selling full rune, granite protect, berserker helm, and also a d-long sword (literally my entire bank), because I wanted to start pumping up my range and magical stats and needed cash. Because all these were decent melee gear I guessed I could sell everything in one go an made a RS forum post about it. When I get there he tells me so I should move there to meet him that he is actually at the monastery. Like a noob I take the route that cuts through the wild (that was before they had the ditch) and I get ice barraged by 3 men the exact same level as me. I'd an Obby cape (back if they had been worth much more) a slew of arrows I was accumulating, about 150k in coins and some other stuff. I stopped that day and didn't come back until annually.

I recall my very first interaction. At the time I had a little money from some barrows runs so I needed a whip and a little bit of extra cash in the bank. Some man in falador east bank in some uncrowded world was buying a whip for 2.7m and in the time they had been 2.6m, so I sold it to him to get what I thought was 2714k. I figured it was his money stack that was full and he really needed the whip- created sense. A couple of hours after I realized I had been short nearly half a mil whilst trying to get back the whip I was supposed to be profiting on.

Then I was struck by it. He gave me 2174k. I'd been scammed. And to buy rs 3 gold I was inspired. Worked my way up to a mute after running this scam on others for upwards of profit. This was back in 07, so my og accounts is Unmuted and doesn't have strikes against it now. My times are but fuck I spent a great deal of time at falador and cammy banks buying whips for 2147k.
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