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Warning: This Post Uses Fortune Cookies!

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May 20 | By wangrui | Views: 11 | Comments: 0
The festivities are over and since you've been as bored as a dead rat. Luckily, you could always count on Pandawas and Kamas Dofus Retro their love of partying -- and on those little biscuits packed with guarantees: Promotional (or instead, Fortunawa) Cookies! At the time of year last year, you were running to throw little biscuits that, when consumed, gave bonuses. You can count on Pandawas to spice up your days -- they really know how to bring home the bacon when producing hilhairyous games.

And they have done it! With one difference. The Lousy Pigs are thrilled you'll be leaving their bacon independently, but the rats are driven the walls up and want just one thing: to get off this ride! Adventurers pump up not only their waistbands but their Intelligence, Power, Agility, and Chance, and of all stripes can lead in the hope of stuffing themselves with those yummy Fortune Cookies called Fortunawa Cookies to Pandala!

Traditionally, these cookies each contains. Therefore, you are given a bonus in one of those stats listed above by every Fortunawa Cookie. Along with Fortunawaduo Cookies -- as their name suggests -- give you a combo of just two bonuses! You can then apply these bonuses in combat in exchange for Vitality. Pandawas know how to party, so they didn't stop there! The White Rat Sphincter Mobile? San, Daggero, Bulbig Brotha, Peki Peki and Pandora Master mobs give you a chance to get a new furry friend: Ratalda!

Stop pouting like a Porcos! You can also get last year pet Wingepig, using a likelihood? It'll be through the event on sale for 8,000 Ogrines or 7.99 Euros! This set has a customizable detail: the gemstone which decorates the headgear chooses the main color of your personality!

Two groups have received high rankings from the KTA's 3 seasons. The group in Season 1, Omae, proceeded to attain incredible performances, such as their 2019 Dofus Cup win. Band of the Hawk emerged successful in Seasons 2 and 3, always dominating the KTA circuit. But in 2020, the crown is up for grabs more! Can a team that is different reign supreme?

All KTA games will once again take place. If you don't remember, this machine ensures fairness by supplying each player registered for the KTA having an Ankama account which includes all 18 classes, at par 200, possessing all equipment at par 160 and higher, as well as mounts, pets, and shields. The characters also have a bonus of 1 activity point, 1 movement point 1 Range, and all extra stats set to 100. The KTA will attain a new milestone, this year. All games will then be played after a draft stage that determines the composition of dofus kamas ilyzaelle those 2 groups to face off. In this manner, everyone will probably be in precisely the exact same boat!
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