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I don't comply with the e-sports aspect of madden

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Jun 21 | By chen | Views: 19 | Comments: 0
I don't comply with the e-sports aspect of madden
I don't comply with the e-sports aspect of madden, nor do I play online (mostly just career mode), but I watched the tournament to get a bit and the way the commentators talked about among the players not ever calling a pass play made it look like it had been commonplace in competitive madden. If that's the case, my heart goes out to all of the internet people and competitive players because that seems like it really stinks. It reaches a stage where people are so focused on Madden nfl 20 coins winning their strategy stops being football. That's the mark of a flawed game; I must triumph at competitive Madden by being really good at football strategy, concepts, and execution. What this man did is not soccer. His job is to win and that's precisely what he did.

I don't hold it against the winner; he performed enough to determine the glaring problems in Madden nfl and won $65k out of it. EA try to fix it and ought to be fucking ashamed this happened. But they won't. Sports matches are a lot worse. The developers actually want only money and know they will get it as they have created this environment of habitual buyers who'd rather cut off their leg than just go a year or two without Madden. Or they will overcompensate and following year's game will probably be too easy to maneuver and hopeless to run.

To be honest, he also shut out a great Madden player with a fantastic defense with the cash he saved on not spending on receivers or a QB. Give credit where credit is due although not arguing the temptation. Sorry dude but I am not going to give credit to exploited a busted AI system haha you had the saints punter at QB lol. Allowed but he held another man to ZERO things is. I think it was a defensive work that is fairly impressive. Yea he had 0 points since he was running a glitchy blitz that abused Madden nfl dreadful pass blocking logic.

You need to devote a code to stop the blitz ffs. You have to double team the defensive end, and identifying the border CB but it only works if the RB is on precisely the exact same side and you have another blocker on the other side. Get insta shed having ability rushing. Nowadays you have to conduct a concept with only 3 receivers vs 7/8 players in policy. YOU HAVE TO DO ALL OF THIS JUST TO STOP A 3 OR 4 MAN BLITZ.

That is why he won. Watch this play. He makes the blitz to stop. He assigns his linemen to double team the DT. The DT is payable, once the ball is snaped and the RG just stands their doing nothing. The OL is shed by the DT insta and he receives a sack. He is also running a 250 LB DT because strength and weight don't matter in this game. The OL does do what the cheap Mut 20 coins consumer needs cus Madden nfl is bad.
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