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I am always awake

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May 29 '18 | By Yakunitatanai | Views: 74 | Comments: 1
I love night time. I feel like there is something magical that is about to happen and I should be awake to witness it. Whatever it is, i do not know. Lol Prolly it is because of Cinderella? Not that a fairy god mother will appear or something, it is just the idea or concept that has a strong influence on me. Or it led me to believe that I will meet my one great love at night. Asa pa! Eeww. Seriously, I couldn't get myself to sleep early. If luck permits, I would sleeo at around 11 p.m and would be awake at 1 a.m. at 3 at 4. Puyat pa rin because of disrupted sleep.

My brain functions more at night than it does in the morning. Most of my blogs are drafted in the evening.  I can think clearly in the evening. I talk to a lot of people in the evening. As the song puts it,  awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic-me in the evening. Sleepy in the morning. Lol

I also feel like sleeping drags the time, pag gising ko, I'd have to work na. Unlike if I will wait for it to pass, pag hinihintay ko, ang bagal. So matagal dumating ang bukas. Hahaha

I love the lights too. It is one of the magics that the night time brings. The giant Christmas tree in Cubao, and all the other lights they use to embelish the area, outside Gateway satiate my eyes' thirst for spectacle(too bad they moved it somewhere because they are digging the area up to build another mall). The display of Christmas lights in Ayala Triangle and Ayala Avenue, give me premature ventricular contractions as they caper from my eyes right through my core. Why would I wait for the Christmas season when I could just easily get an access  of such  grandeur in Eeastwood City, Libis. All year round,  they feed my soul with amazing lights. I could just gawk in awe forever there. Uhm one of my faves, as simple as it may sound, are the lights that I can see from afar along the horizon of the seas. The lights at the ports and the list goes on and on. Oh! The lights outside the Lucky Chinatown Mall that will surely compliment a couple's need for a romantic vibe (and photo ops lol).  I will try to post a photo from our last visit. Aw! I am now confused as to which photo to include in this blog.

I  starve at night and my appetite is purdy strong (dwindling words right there ha) but I am already able to fight that ish out. So yep, water is the key.

It sucks tho that I sleep late in the evening but I have to wake up early in the morning because of work. I try my best to be as funtional as I should be. Lol Guess who wins the beat down? Not me! Lol

If you are going to tell me to work in a call center, just stop. I got axed from such as  my first ever job after graduation. Hindi para sa akin. Nahirapan ako.

Also, I am not always awake, the title is for deception purposes, supposedly with humor. Hahaha I just sleep late and wake up early, is all.

Yoblikh gave me the idea for this blog. Credits to him. Thanks meyn!

Less then three (no mawr slashes) and hugs

~J <3

*credits to my cousin for the photo*

papsy adriatico
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