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Build needs to be more dependent on attributes than badges

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Jul 21 | By chen | Views: 33 | Comments: 0
Build needs to be more dependent on attributes than badges
Stop making us pay more and more money every year. Making VC costs higher DOES NOT deter people from buying. And quit saying"you do not have to buy VC." I'd love to not buy VC, but if there's the option to do it, there are those out there who will take action, which compels everyone else to buy VC so we could remain competitive. Yes, microtransactions are 2K21 MT a part of the industry, but they are used by every other sport for makeup. My suggestion is to keep VC, but make it VC is only for buying clothes, haircuts, animations, etc.. Please please please please stop making us pay an extra $50 just to have the ability to play with online. You are a monopoly in the basketball gaming market, please stop taking benefit of your customers who care about the sport despite the fact that you do not appear to care about the consumers.

Myplayer could move into an XP system if VC is fixed like I mentioned above. Give us a starting overall of an authentic first round draft pick. Start everyone at 75, and only enable us to earn xp and upgrade our players. This way on day one has to purchase $50 in VC to max out their participant. We can all just start at precisely the exact same level. We don't have to be able to observe each and every person in the park through matches. Small things like that can be taken out. All it really does is add more latency problems. Once we are in matches, lessen the network load. When I'm playing in game, I'm strictly focused on the sport, nothing else, so all of the additional outside noise can get cut out of this game. Stop making things complicated.

People today play with 2k so we can ball against every other plain and simple, not so we can play dodgeball or walk into the barber, or wait in line for the next game to get started. Address then worry about the other stuff's quality. Repair pro matchmaking! Make our tiers really mean something! Everyone move through the ranks, and starts as bronze. Bronze teams must ONLY play with other bronze groups. Silver plays silverand so on. It's not enjoyable or aggressive for both sides if a 80-0 team matches up against a 1-10 team. Make superior teams prove they deserve to be in their grade by playing other excellent teams. Make bad teams get better by really playing against bad teams and learning how to triumph.

Wish MyPLAYER Online Attribues

Build needs to be more dependent on attributes than badges. A 70 3 stage rating shouldn't be as good as a 95 3 stage evaluation as long as you can green. Having the ability to time your shot is not difficult and it promotes hybrid builds. Pure builds should be the only method to get OP badges such as Intimidator on HOF. If hybrid assembles can be just as good as a pure construct (through"skill gap") there should be some type of punishment. Mid range shots need to be more pliable and not as difficult as a 3. Full bar mids should go in easily with a high mid range score without a green. This could encourage more people to take the two point option instead of whoever scores the most 3 pointers wins as Buy NBA 2K21 MT it's been the last couple 2k's.
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