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NBA 2K20 brings an old cherished feature

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Jul 26 | By wangrui | Views: 23 | Comments: 0
Attacking and defending the rim has been another area of buy nba 2k20 mt focus for the gameplay team. I talked about the concept of Shot Solutions that a few years back. The fundamental idea in real life is that great slashers can discover unique solutions to make it through the defense when attacking the rim. For NBA 2K20, we've fully re-architected layups and dunks for a completely branch-able mechanic. Last year we introduced the capability to branch from particular layup gathers to dunk finishes... but for layups, after you hit the button that you mostly only watched a sequence play out from ground to air.

The new gather feature allows you to kick off an innovative roll on the floor, read the defense, and select how you wish to complete that gather by re-deflecting the Guru Stick as you takeoff. Say, for instance, in the event that you started a euro collect but saw the defense close in, you could re-deflect the Guru Stick down to branch into a floater end to avoid contact. This also allowed us to introduce the idea of collect resolutions. Forcing a collect into heavy traffic or directly into a defender will lead to jam ups, but deciding on the right gathers in spaces that are open will let you knife directly through traffic. Along with the euro-step, cradle, hop step, and spin gathers you had access to before, now you can also execute half-spin and cross-spin gathers to return your defender.

The same as the floor match, playing over the rim is also accompanied by a beefed up defensive counterpart. This year, we captured hundreds of new in-air collisions, hard fouls, catch blocks, and swats to allow the rim guards have their presence felt. Paint defenders who have great timing and decision making is going to be a force to reckon with and you'll certainly have to think twice when going head to head against these inside. Zion Williamson, welcome to Team 2K!

A few months back from the"Request a Dev" section on 2KTV, I teased an update to off-ball play was forthcoming. Players spend 90 percent of the time on the floor with no ball, so we wanted to ensure that aspect of our sport was completely showcased. On the other hand, NBA 2K20 brings an old cherished feature... off-ball juke moves. We wanted these moves to mirror the functionality of the ball handler, so not only have they returned, they've also improved. With simple Guru Stick gestures, players have access to fake initial steps, spins, and stutters that you can chain together or instantly branch from to execute flare cuts, dip into the hoop, or set up for open starters's.

The moves are also broken down into three levels to different elite off-ball players from the rest. Off-ball collisions were reworked from the ground up to take advantage of their advancements we have made to our body-up system within the past couple years. If you can see wherever your off-ball offensive opponents are attempting to go, you are able to cut them off and mt for sale 2k20 place them in a box, making them work extra hard for every look.
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