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Why I've been there drama RS

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Aug 11 | By Dingbest | Views: 51 | Comments: 0
For many years now we have heard JMods inform us about their disdain for"shopscape" and RS gold their desire to transfer skilling resources away from PVM. From the lead-up to the release of this Nightmare, we have heard we are told by JMods they prefer the gwd/kq fashion of trekking to a boss. All these statements suggest that the JMods have some type of management that want RuneScape to maneuver in and a overall design philosophy for new content. However, this is called into question when we visit the Boss Slayer Master poll blog.

The poll initially suggested Death and Blood rune packs as a reward for PVM by incorporating them to, possibly, the most popular ability in RuneScape. Upon participant feedback, this was removed from the poll with the updated survey blog stating"You were vocal the need for more runes must be stuffed by skilling rather than PvM and stores. We agree. We are going to endeavour to find ways of incorporating more runes out of runecrafting later on.". (Players may recall the PVM nest update as well as the Birdhouse nerf which was done to stablilise the price of Saradomin Brews with the reasoning of"We agree with many of you that PvM should not be the main method for obtaining skilling resources", only for the original Konar Drop Table to be published with a drop of 2500 mentioned Saradomin Brews.).

We need to question this kind of material continues to irritate us, despite JMods and players claiming to be opposed to it. Boss Teleport Scrolls are still listed in the survey. Despite frequent JMod statements that run counter to the design philosophy of such teleports, such as an entire piece of new content in the form of the Nightmare and Sisterhood Sanctuary to emphasize this, we finally see a questionnaire issue with wording that indicates the exact opposite:"We are extremely aware there are some lengthy walks into some supervisors. We wouldn't want to abolish this - the expectation is that these scrolls are marginally better than the present procedures.".

From a single survey, we have seen two questions that directly contradict JMod statements on style philosophy. For me, this seems to prove that polls experience no form of vetting until the blog is uploaded. As a community, we should be concerned to hear 1 thing only to see action. Content updates have to be internally assessed for consistency with match direction and design philosophy before going live. As stakeholders of RuneScape, gamers may continue to voice their views on matters of game integrity, but the notion of a free boss bypass (Which the poll blog says"We believe it also jeopardized the integrity and overall balance of their material" about -- Making us question why such an overpowered mechanic has been suggested in the first place).

Resources coming around teleports to bosses from PVM and also the question should have been checked off by senior developers before posting to make sure that the content match Oldschool Runescape. This next point is on no account intended as any sort of personal attack. Our JMods should not be attacked by anybody whatsoever or cheap RuneScape gold do anything to damage the connection between gamers and developers. That being said, the"Words in the developer" part from the Boss Slayer Master site are incredibly worrying to me and further highlight the substantial need for this type of internal consistency. "This is my first proper project. I have been around the Old School team for a couple of months now and have been able to use parts of my training on the Poll 71 jobs".
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