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You can not really make a Lebron or KD

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Aug 23 | By Xiamu | Views: 58 | Comments: 0

They began the dev cycle it wont get additional, if it wasn't implemented as an idea b4. You look at all of the 2K's prior and can see the evidence in this history that is subs simply search wishlist from the search bar. Since MT NBA 2K21 was released they have took the behind the back, buffed badge development, nerfed pro-am rep to make it equal to park, changed gameplay speed several times, altered center rate, enhanced rec matchmaking, buffed and nerfed on ball steals. The majority would be of problem and they have a good deal more time. Things like mycareer probably aren't realistic in this time frame, but most the list isn't unreasonable. They have the time, although I don't believe since I don't believe that they care, they'll do them. So I figure agree to disagree.

The only thing I would argue against is #9. I believe they need to make myCareer player, or even split it to be offline OR online play. I personally would rather a well developed story through the conclusion of the season, or gameplay similar to a older 2K in which you play games or matches against star players. Or even a mode where you compete against quite a while rival. I'd rather be able to create a character with badge and stats not being restricted just because it'll break multiplayer. Let Us separate it, even if you wan na na cap badges and attributes for internet play that's fine ( would result in bigs being busted differently )

You can not really make a Lebron or KD in mycareer because it would be overly OP if you bring him online. However, I think there should be an offline only version (truly offline you can even use without net ) that let's you make whatever you desire. 2K19 was my 2K since 2K11 and I was extremely disappointed. The story was missing and my player was not nearly as good as I wanted. I got bored of offline which I gave it a try, although I didn't plan on playing online in any way.

Wont work since its entirely unrealistic. Someone just discovered. Its no pressure on anyone. All releases are different so that they couldnt have the identical release point, like they are in real life. I do understand your rationale because its a eye on 2K. I agree with Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins the last 5 bullet points not so much with 6 only due to the complaints I see by this sub. I think it would be waste of time on both ends. Number 9 is enormous when it comes to mycareer, and the next step.
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