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The gp rates of RuneScape suck for many players

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Sep 3 | By Dingbest | Views: 37 | Comments: 0
The gp rates of RuneScape suck for many players
We have this new alchemical hydrix coming out alongside the new amulet and pocket slot. I guess it's rightfully but it's sounds like that sort of material is simply reserved for top tier players that have a lot of gp. I've been playing off and on for RS gold 3years and acquired about total. I'm very close to max (2703) and also have done every boss in Runescape but getting high tier everything for a great many cb styles with all the switches and stuff looks literally impossible to get. Yea I've already done every boss but I am definitely not the best in pvm. I and I don't really like telos and pvm that makes me too stressed out, respectively.

With that said it seems the only way to get that form of gp is to perform pvm such as telos or aod and it still seems grindy as hell. I get it, rs is a really grindy match but like getting best in slot gear is the only thing in Runescape that seems impossible for me to really get. Grinding abilities and shit is fine but gaining like 5b just for ONE cb style seems so far that I do not even want to go for it. And yea I guess you can say I don't need all that stuff for pvm which I don't because Ive already done all the directors so much but like I would love to experience high tier equipment and to be able to do crazy harm and kill times.

I mean who would not? I have done the majority of the content in Runescape and'm starting to get a bit bored but this is content which I have yet to encounter and many many other men and women. Also people say switching which yea I guess, but I have no clue how to do that shit and also no one really speaks up on it for obvious reasons. Idk I feel just like for many players, acquiring gp for greatest in slot gear seems impossible and it may be part of the reason a great deal of this RS3 community stays away from the combat content - along with different motives of course. I don't really have an alternative in mind I sort of just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about this subject, don't tear me up lol.

The thing is, you don't need the majority of that switches or gear. Like badly I perform ironman and people set these aims to maximum and what not and then go about trying to acquire a telos place to assist them max? Gwd1 armor nox weapons (tbh chaoics are fine for max nox for 120 slayer)to 5.4b xp. The time that it takes to get the t92s is a just like half of the 99s by itself.

Practice your rotation and have vigor, planted feet and your already likely to outdps 99 percent of OSRS Gold For Sale the playerbase. If your goal is maximal equipment for battle because you enjoy it, do it in places you receive your own gear drops. You'll earn money and every fall brings you closer to your own gear. Max equipment is somthing just the elite should realistically have the ability to acquire, we're just spoiled. Trimmed comp is exactly the identical way, only the most dedicated ought to be able to receive it not fuck it im gonna go for trim this week. The time that it takes to buy t90s and even nex gear is low, you can do all rs in that equipment easily without perks or any relics.
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