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Soundtracks are cool and all, but quite frankly

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Sep 8 | By Sunxuemei | Views: 25 | Comments: 0

NBA 2K21: What Can An Acceptable Current-Gen Version Look Like?

EA and MT 2K21 have been in interesting positions. Both have significant sports titles coming out within a month or two on current-generation and next-generation consoles. EA has the exact same scenario with FIFA 21.

2K has NBA 2K21 together with what also figures for a better and bigger version in its way to next-gen consoles coming out the first week of September. Afterall, the 2020 NBA Draft nor free agency will not have occurred by the time current-gen NBA 2K21 is published. In reality, the 2019-20 NBA season will not even be carried out.

Because of these things all, anyone anticipating as large of an attempt as we normally see from an yearly 2K discharge is likely to be disappointed. All logic points into 2K saving almost all of its ammunition or all. Nevertheless, what does a suitable release that is current-gen look like for 2K? I've got some ideas. As we've seen in the gameplay trailer that published last month, the graphics will be nearly identical, if not identical to NBA 2K20. I am fine with this bit of stagnation Even though this could be a problem for some.

There is two reasons I believe we have already seen this generation of consoled pushed to their graphical limitation. It is not going to get much better on XB1 and PS4 than that which we find here. It might be foolish to presume 2K would want to invest if they stand to benefit from providing a next-gen version which will be hyped up because it seems, in improving the item visually. 2K and every other producer of sports video games will want the gap between present and next-gen to be noticeable from a visual standpoint. As a customer, I am fine with that strategy.

Soundtracks are cool and all, but quite frankly, I fight to see that the real value that is long-term in investing a lot into this part of a game. Nevertheless, we have seen the soundtrack that will be in the game, and based upon your tastes, you're frustrated, either elated, or could care less about the tunes. I'm good with what's coming on this front, and as far as commentary, I will wait for the next-gen models for a significant leap in this area. There are some really cool things that could be done in order to create what' already superior commentary in the game even better.

Here is part of where EA and 2K should really bring the heat. I am not necessarily speaking about delivering new ways. Again, that's next-gen can wow us. I'm more referring to fleshing out current ways. As an instance, I've already stated that without a salary cap feature in MyTeam, I am probably not going to provide that aspect of this game much of my period this year. To a degree, but comparable, the exact same could be said for a draft attribute. Madden, FIFA, MLB The Show, and the NHL show have excellent versions of the concept in their own collector modes. 2K wants to bring this back.

Play Now Online can stay as it is on current-gen, but the WNBA attribute, PARK, MyCareer, MyGM/MyLeague and Pro-Am must find some love. I would love to see a complete franchise mode option available for WNBA, as well as the ability to create a MyPlayer. With this functionality accessible PARK as well as MyCareer and Pro-Am are fine. MyLeague fans and MyGM are concerned because we have not seen a Buy NBA 2K MT site for this region of the game, and that's been published by now. It's uncertain if this means those modes have gone untouched. Hopefully, that is not the case since they are a few updates that could be delivered on current-gen that wouldn't threated next-gen's appeal.
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