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AmyStephen's blog

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has remained relevant almost six months after its first release, which is largely due to Nintendo's constantly updated theme projects for the game. In the upcoming September fall update, this update adds many collectibles to the in-game world. In 2021, Animal Crossing will also host a special cross-border event together with the Super Mario franchise.

The animal crossing game may have the image of a game where you can live leisurely with cute animals, and it is a game for young girls. They dress up their islands in the game, grow fruits and vegetables, and accumulate Nook Miles Tickets just to make their home more beautiful. Most players are actually in their 20s and 30s, and the gender differences between male and female players are almost completely even.

Since the game was released in March, it has attracted the attention of global players and imaginative fans create online. Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives fans a lot of freedom to play. Fans select interesting or unachievable scenarios in real life into the game.

After half a year of observation, we found that there are a large number of young people in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not just children. This is probably because the release time of the game is related to this year's special epidemic disease, which has brought gratifying interference to the people trapped in the house.

Regarding the development of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, ACBellsBuy has been paying close attention to it. As the third-party trading service platform of Animal Crossing, Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets chooses ACBellsBuy.com. It is the habit of most people because the price is cheap. The goods are fast, and the most important thing is sufficient inventory. Meet the needs of players.

The vanguard is mainly divided into three vanguards, which are the three former commanders of Schlick who met in the Schlick Chamber, including the Progress Vanguard, the Long Range Vanguard, and the Master Vanguard.

The three vanguards initially formed underground. When the player approaches one of the holes, all three holes will burst from the ground. This is a relatively fierce game task, and it is also liked by most players. When we win, remember to collect OSRS GP and other equipment. After all, this is one of our main goals.

All vanguards will attack 3 times per attack; however, magical and ranged vanguards will use AoE attacks (one always hits the player, while the other two are launched elsewhere). The Melee Vanguard will attack the player three times with each attack. The prayer of protection will not eliminate the damage, but it will reduce the damage.

The remote vanguard is static and will not be able to attack players below it. If the player is near their close body and the Magic Vanguard, they will try to evacuate it. The melee vanguard usually does not attack players near walls or edges because it cannot be too far from its spawn point, and if it is attacked from these locations, it will retreat until the attacker is within its range.

Vanguards will not be harmed when they receive a retrograde attack, because they will slowly recover their health. The defense will be reset after the vanguard returns to the shell, so it is not recommended to use the dragon hammer for the vanguard. Dragon claws or toxic blowpipe special attacks may be more useful, please use them carefully to avoid damage above the threshold.

Since uncontrolled high damage is harmful, it is strongly recommended that weapons with lower damage per hit, such as toxic blowpipes. If there is a risk of causing too much damage, it may not be worth using damage-enhancing prayers and insufficiently equipped equipment to increase the damage. Knowing the maximum hit rate for each weapon used is helpful.

In this part of Vanguard, safety always comes first. If you want to be stronger than your teammates, then I suggest you Buy OSRS GP directly from RsgoldB2C.com, it can quickly meet your needs for becoming stronger. Of course, if you are not familiar with many tasks in OSRS, you can also find answers on RsgoldB2C.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will launch Mario-themed furniture in 2021. Mario as a memory of our childhood, I believe many players will especially like it.

If Mario appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it may be twisted pipes and bricks, it may be a scroll wallpaper of Gumba during the march, or even a classical artwork inspired by Mario style. At that time, ACBellsBuy. com will update all ACNH Items as soon as possible to provide players with sufficient supply. The combination of these two games has unlimited possibilities. It is looking forward to.

It is not the first time that Super Mario-themed items have appeared in the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing has always had this tradition, including Animal Crossing: It also existed in Pocket Camp. Hope this update can inspire a new generation of home decoration in Nintendo style.

In any case, the update to add furniture will arrive in March next year, but no specific date is given, but the update is mentioned to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario. This makes the player believe that the crossover will appear in the form of events, not just add items. At the same time, the islanders will be able to play the role of their favorite plumber while picking mushrooms and flowers.

Mario-themed furniture landed on Animal Crossing Island: Activities on the island of New Horizons players. As a professional Animal Crossing trading platform, we will continue to update information. If you want to Buy ACNH Items more, please visit our website https://www.acbellsbuy.com/

Draken's medal is a reward for the pursuit of Taste of Hope.After the Father's sin is completed, it can be teleported to Ver Sinhaza and Darkmeyer infinitely. You cannot teleport to the wilderness above level 20.

The main purpose of the commemorative badge is to conveniently transport it to the Bloody Theater. In addition, the transfer location is close to the bank, which makes the medal easier to obtain, but the effect is not good.

Players can get an unlimited amount of money from Kyle Forshaw (or Ivan Strom after completing his father's sins) in the old Myrek's hideout under the trapdoor in the northern room of the old Lal's house. Commemorative badge. In order to play the game better, you need to Buy Runescape Gold in exchange for the weapons you need to help yourself.

The Darkmeyer branch is a sequel to Seergaze's legacy and the fifth installment in the Myreque mission series. During the search, you can go to Darkmeyer, the city of vampires, and find a blistered wood tree that can harm vampires, and is therefore blocked by Lord Drakan. At the same time, Vanstrom Klause's mission is to destroy the entire Myreque and is eager to do so.

Dark, wild shapes haunt Burgh de Rott's suburbs with terrible, unnatural agility, and there are rumors that Vanstrom Klause himself will never be able to Spared. Veliaf and other Myreque patients noticed these symptoms and were worried about an impending attack. Safalaan is already occupied by busy people, and the number of people is low, and the equipment is insufficient, so Myreque must ask you for help again.

For this, you must enter the baroque streets of Darkmeyer. Vampire City. With the help of unexpected sources, you must infiltrate the upper echelons of the vampire society and find the last remaining blister wood tree, which is tightly guarded in the dark heart of the city, its branches and even the mighty Willer The bane of water watches.

After completing this operation, you will be able to create a weapon that can end this imminent threat before everything disappears, and will put Myreque in a better position to end the war once and for all. You may defeat the enemies lurking in the shadows, and the rewards may be huge, including experience books, new weapons, and items that transport their carriers to Barrow. Runescape Gold can be used to exchange any items, including experience books, new weapons, and items that transport its carriers to Barrow. You will definitely Use it and prove it is the most practical.

Dream Suite is a return feature of past games, allowing players to explore the islands of friends and strangers. So far, as long as you see version 1.4.0 or higher on the startup screen, you should unlock Dream Suite. Most players should have automatically unlocked Dream Suite.

If not, you will want to make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet. From there, press + on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon on the dashboard and click the button to check for updates from there. After installing the patch, the function should be unlocked the next time you start the game.

Using Dream Suite is almost as convenient as pulling out your phone. When you find yourself lost and alone in the woods, you can quickly search for edible mushrooms until there are none. Jumping into the dreamland just needs to sleep, and the sleeping bag is enough. If you want a comfortable bed, then you can Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets from ACBellsBuy and choose the style you like.

If you are entering Dream Suite for the first time, Luna should provide you with the entire entry and ask if you want to upload the island for other Dream Suite users. After uploading your island, the system will provide you with a code for you to distribute to others. They need to enter this content to access their islands in the game, and you need them to do so.

One of the easiest ways to find more New Horizons Island to visit through Dream Suite is through the social media platform of your choice. The hashtag DreamSuite has been used around the world to share pictures and codes of beautiful islands, helping to reinvigorate your creativity.

With Dream Suite, you are likely to find an island that far exceeds your thoughts on the limits of the game, so you will come back to get many new ideas and take your island to a new level. ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is always indispensable for players. Hope you have a lot more.

Although some people divide the island into several diorama-like themes, some people have found a way to turn their vast islands into narrow miniature cities. If you want to learn more about the latest content of Animal Crossing, you are welcome to visit our website: https://www.acbellsbuy.com/

The RuneScape Team announced that the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be happening later this year! Obviously, in this year of COVID-19, things will be a little different this time. The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be a digital event.

They have added two new awards this year, meaning there are a total of 19 Gnomes up for grabs. The categories range from video, streaming, art, and community which is the new category. Buy Runescape Gold will always make you different from many players.

Nominations are actually open. Keep in mind that you have until midnight BST on August 30 to cast your vote. The panel will then review these nominees, with a final list to be announced on September 18. Voting will then commence on the nominees, with this round of voting ending on October 6.

RuneScape is one of those games that has a niche of its own. Players and celebrities from around the globe are positively obsessed with it. The fantasy role-playing game necessarily brings out the medieval persona in its players. With the abilities vested on the character, one can do almost anything in the world of Gielinor.

As an old game, but it still has a large number of players, it must have its point. You can buy some equipment with Runescape Gold to continuously improve your character's skills, and you will be able to experience more game content. If you need more RS Gold, buying at RSgoldB2C.com must be the right choice. The prices of items on RSgoldB2C.com are lower than the market price, which will undoubtedly save you money.

With the coming of September, animals in the northern hemisphere will cross: a new batch of insects will usher on the islands of New Horizons. Red dragonflies are one of them. According to experience, red dragonflies are fairly common insects in New Horizons. Even so, we still need to spend some time tracking every bug in the game.

A red dragonfly can be sold at Nook's Cranny store for 180 bells, if you sell it to Flick when Flick visits your island, the price will be higher. ACNH Bells has always been one of the players' game goals. Also, remember that if you want to complete the museum's insect collection, you need to donate one of the insects to the Blathers of the museum.

According to time calculations, the red dragonfly will appear on islands in the northern hemisphere from September to October. They will appear on islands in the southern hemisphere from March to April. The red dragonfly may appear between 8 am and 7 pm. The player must grasp the time when the red dragonfly appears.

Red dragonflies have a unique mark because their bodies are red, so they are easy to spot when flying on the island. Players can capture dragonflies according to their time and characteristics.

No matter what kind of task you are doing, in addition to the fun of the game, the most important thing is Animal Crossing Bells. If you are bored with mechanical tasks, then I recommend you to Buy ACNH Bells directly from ACBellsBuy.com. ACBellsBuy promises to deliver the goods as quickly as possible, without delaying players' time!

Archaeological discoveries show that Runescape follows the trend of excavating its latest major updates in the past. Players can jump between the five main excavation locations in Gielinor, unearth, and restore artifacts.

In archeological missions, RS Gold is indispensable for players and must be collected. Others reveal new training methods for other skills in the game, and most of them are closely related to most of the knowledge of the world.

We have truly entered the game world. You are digging a goblin tunnel and digging in a castle flying in the sky. Although archaeological sites can be found everywhere in Gielinor, the update is launched with five large-scale excavation methods, which are all new to the player base.

These settings draw on the absurd environment and architectural diversity of MMO, from the excavation of ancient Greek temples to the demonic sanctuary hidden under the wild volcano. If you feel bored doing tasks in the game, then you can choose to Buy RS Gold from RSgoldBuy.com, which will make your gaming experience better.

Social interaction is an important reason that makes archaeology stand out. Unlike many other "gathering skills" in Runescape, archaeology is almost completely economically open. Like everyone else, you need to grind up some items and resources, but almost anything you collect here can be traded, and trading in Runescape usually requires many people to gather in one area.

Bonecrusher is a reward for Morytania Diary in OSRS. The model of the item was originally made by content developer Mod Ash. This is because the artist team was busy dealing with other diary projects. To do this, the developers used Legends' Quest's glowing dagger model and used it as the basis for making Bonecrusher.

If there is a Bonecrusher in the list and the monster that dropped the bone is killed, then the dropped bone will be crushed automatically. Sufficient Old School Runescape Gold can help you grow quickly. If the elite Morytania Diary is completed because it can provide a complete prayer experience, then this may be an advantage. Otherwise, the player will gain half the experience compared to burying the bones.

It can also be used on bones dropped by hunter creatures, although it cannot be used on dropped bones. Therefore, curved long bones cannot be used here, nor can they be dropped by Bloodvelds. But it still has many advantages, such as those crushed in the catacombs of Kurland, which can activate prayer restoration in the area.  Buy Cheap OSRS Gold come to RSgoldB2C.com

This effect can also be triggered if you wear the Dragon Bone Necklace while breaking the bones, but it is worth noting that these two effects will not overlap each other in the game. If you have a keel necklace, you can use it with the hydra tail, which will become a Bonecrusher necklace. In this way, you can use the combined effect of the Bonecrusher and Dragonbone necklace at the same time.




OSRS Gold is one of the important components of the MMO game with wide influence. However, there are two main ways for players to obtain OSRS Gold, one is to do tasks, and the other is to trade. To achieve the goal quickly, many people choose the latter. Besides, you need to be careful to do so in the safest way.

Whenever you plan to RS3 Gold For Sale you need to make sure to use a secure payment method. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to when buying goods online, and it is also very important.

In the world of Runescape, most weapons or equipment require you to exchange for OSRS Gold. To be able to supply the demand for Cheap RS3 Gold in time, it is very important to find a reliable website. So you need to know who you buy from and what you bought.

When choosing a seller, you should research the legitimacy of the website and how they get the product in the first place. To avoid being scammed or even completely banned from playing games, it is best to check the seller's reputation. The higher the representative, the less likely it is to suffer serious consequences.

RSgoldB2C.com protects the safety of every user with a secure encryption method, and it provides a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of users. Every transaction of the user will be legally protected. You can shop on rsgoldb2c with absolute confidence. Not only that, but you can also enjoy premium services. Every user who comes empty-handed will return with the least amount of money.

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