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AmyStephen's blog

The RuneScape Team announced that the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be happening later this year! Obviously, in this year of COVID-19, things will be a little different this time. The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be a digital event.

They have added two new awards this year, meaning there are a total of 19 Gnomes up for grabs. The categories range from video, streaming, art, and community which is the new category. Buy Runescape Gold will always make you different from many players.

Nominations are actually open. Keep in mind that you have until midnight BST on August 30 to cast your vote. The panel will then review these nominees, with a final list to be announced on September 18. Voting will then commence on the nominees, with this round of voting ending on October 6.

RuneScape is one of those games that has a niche of its own. Players and celebrities from around the globe are positively obsessed with it. The fantasy role-playing game necessarily brings out the medieval persona in its players. With the abilities vested on the character, one can do almost anything in the world of Gielinor.

As an old game, but it still has a large number of players, it must have its point. You can buy some equipment with Runescape Gold to continuously improve your character's skills, and you will be able to experience more game content. If you need more RS Gold, buying at RSgoldB2C.com must be the right choice. The prices of items on RSgoldB2C.com are lower than the market price, which will undoubtedly save you money.

With the coming of September, animals in the northern hemisphere will cross: a new batch of insects will usher on the islands of New Horizons. Red dragonflies are one of them. According to experience, red dragonflies are fairly common insects in New Horizons. Even so, we still need to spend some time tracking every bug in the game.

A red dragonfly can be sold at Nook's Cranny store for 180 bells, if you sell it to Flick when Flick visits your island, the price will be higher. ACNH Bells has always been one of the players' game goals. Also, remember that if you want to complete the museum's insect collection, you need to donate one of the insects to the Blathers of the museum.

According to time calculations, the red dragonfly will appear on islands in the northern hemisphere from September to October. They will appear on islands in the southern hemisphere from March to April. The red dragonfly may appear between 8 am and 7 pm. The player must grasp the time when the red dragonfly appears.

Red dragonflies have a unique mark because their bodies are red, so they are easy to spot when flying on the island. Players can capture dragonflies according to their time and characteristics.

No matter what kind of task you are doing, in addition to the fun of the game, the most important thing is Animal Crossing Bells. If you are bored with mechanical tasks, then I recommend you to Buy ACNH Bells directly from ACBellsBuy.com. ACBellsBuy promises to deliver the goods as quickly as possible, without delaying players' time!

Archaeological discoveries show that Runescape follows the trend of excavating its latest major updates in the past. Players can jump between the five main excavation locations in Gielinor, unearth, and restore artifacts.

In archeological missions, RS Gold is indispensable for players and must be collected. Others reveal new training methods for other skills in the game, and most of them are closely related to most of the knowledge of the world.

We have truly entered the game world. You are digging a goblin tunnel and digging in a castle flying in the sky. Although archaeological sites can be found everywhere in Gielinor, the update is launched with five large-scale excavation methods, which are all new to the player base.

These settings draw on the absurd environment and architectural diversity of MMO, from the excavation of ancient Greek temples to the demonic sanctuary hidden under the wild volcano. If you feel bored doing tasks in the game, then you can choose to Buy RS Gold from RSgoldBuy.com, which will make your gaming experience better.

Social interaction is an important reason that makes archaeology stand out. Unlike many other "gathering skills" in Runescape, archaeology is almost completely economically open. Like everyone else, you need to grind up some items and resources, but almost anything you collect here can be traded, and trading in Runescape usually requires many people to gather in one area.

Bonecrusher is a reward for Morytania Diary in OSRS. The model of the item was originally made by content developer Mod Ash. This is because the artist team was busy dealing with other diary projects. To do this, the developers used Legends' Quest's glowing dagger model and used it as the basis for making Bonecrusher.

If there is a Bonecrusher in the list and the monster that dropped the bone is killed, then the dropped bone will be crushed automatically. Sufficient Old School Runescape Gold can help you grow quickly. If the elite Morytania Diary is completed because it can provide a complete prayer experience, then this may be an advantage. Otherwise, the player will gain half the experience compared to burying the bones.

It can also be used on bones dropped by hunter creatures, although it cannot be used on dropped bones. Therefore, curved long bones cannot be used here, nor can they be dropped by Bloodvelds. But it still has many advantages, such as those crushed in the catacombs of Kurland, which can activate prayer restoration in the area.  Buy Cheap OSRS Gold come to RSgoldB2C.com

This effect can also be triggered if you wear the Dragon Bone Necklace while breaking the bones, but it is worth noting that these two effects will not overlap each other in the game. If you have a keel necklace, you can use it with the hydra tail, which will become a Bonecrusher necklace. In this way, you can use the combined effect of the Bonecrusher and Dragonbone necklace at the same time.




OSRS Gold is one of the important components of the MMO game with wide influence. However, there are two main ways for players to obtain OSRS Gold, one is to do tasks, and the other is to trade. To achieve the goal quickly, many people choose the latter. Besides, you need to be careful to do so in the safest way.

Whenever you plan to RS3 Gold For Sale you need to make sure to use a secure payment method. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to when buying goods online, and it is also very important.

In the world of Runescape, most weapons or equipment require you to exchange for OSRS Gold. To be able to supply the demand for Cheap RS3 Gold in time, it is very important to find a reliable website. So you need to know who you buy from and what you bought.

When choosing a seller, you should research the legitimacy of the website and how they get the product in the first place. To avoid being scammed or even completely banned from playing games, it is best to check the seller's reputation. The higher the representative, the less likely it is to suffer serious consequences.

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Desperate Measures invites players to use the game's latest archeological skills to reveal the secrets. This is a survival battle against creatures such as the dinosaurs added to RuneScape. This is a very attractive innovation. Players entering the game will be infected by the game's design and storyline. OSRS GP is something we must keep in storage.

At the end of Sliske's Endgame, players face each other with Jas, one of the creators of the universe. Jas is not sure about mortal life because it was never part of the mortal design, so she gave the player an ultimatum: Prove that mortal life should exist or we will destroy it. Now waking up The other elders of God echoed this call.

In Desperate Times, the God Seren organized a council composed of all the leaders of Gielinor to deal with the threat of the old God and his ultimatum. Karapac proposed a plan to the council to use time-controlled artifacts to put the elders to sleep again.

This requires the help of the legendary enchantment Charos, who has been disguised as the timid librarian Reldo in the past few years. RSgoldB2C.com provides players with a large number of guides for free, and players can also Buy OSRS GP here to help players better enjoy the fun of Desperate Times.

With the help of Charos and Thok, World Guardian helped transfer control of Needle from its previous host, Gail, to Kerapac. When they did this, they learned that Kerapac had betrayed them, and he planned to kill the Elder God at the expense of Gielinor's entire life.

This week's mysterious update is Alchem ​​Hydrix. As for what Alchem ​​Hydrix is ​​and how it was refined, perhaps we don't know it professionally. For those who are not familiar with these, this is a high-grade gemstone suitable for the best inventors and craftsmen.

You need to make sure that the attack method of the weapon you use matches the weapon you use, but other than that, there is no restrictions-of course, you can change the stored special attack by using another weapon.

The essence of the end will increase +56 in all combat styles and has a 7-point prayer bonus. No matter what, you always need a lot of OSRS Gold to help you complete the game tasks efficiently.

However, this power comes with great responsibility. As you fell and fell on Gielinor, the essence will eventually degenerate, and if not properly maintained, it will gradually become useless. However, you are lucky because it is easy to fill the dust of confidence, trust, and Alchemy Hydrix.

You can get 10 units of dust by grinding the Alchemy Hydrix-if you feel lazy, it is tradeable, so you can buy some on the Grand Exchange at any time.

Creating the ultimate essence is another tricky task. In addition to 99 Crafting, you also need:

1 Alchemy Hydrix
1 Soul Amulet (100%)
1 reaper necklace (100%)

Oh, and one last thing-if you combine the decoration kit of the soul amulet and the Reaper necklace, you will get a super stylish decoration kit for the essence of the end. Keep trying! Finally, if you encounter any difficulties in the game, you can go to our website RSgoldB2C.com to find help. Not only can you Buy OSRS Gold here, but it will also provide you with the most practical Game skills.

Morays appear on islands in the northern hemisphere from August to October, and on islands in the southern hemisphere from February to April. And now is the season for eels in the northern hemisphere. Players in the northern hemisphere can try to step the moray. ACBellsBuy.com will give you the clearest guide, and perhaps it will also allow you to easily get more Animal Crossing Items to help you grow faster.

First of all, you need to know how to find moray eels and what are its characteristics. The shadow of the moray in the water is different from the usual shadows. It is very slender. Through this feature, you can easily determine the trace of the moray. It takes a certain amount of time to find the moray, and you need to be patient. When you catch a sea eel, it is a very happy thing because you have something to gain.

 Cheap Animal Crossing Bells

Moray can be sold at Nook's Cranny shop for 2,000 bells, or you can earn more if you sell it to C.J. to visit his island. You can also donate the captured moray to the museum collection.

You may consider checking out the ChargePlay clutch from HyperX. It extends the battery life of the Switch, so you can play for a long time before charging the system. If you don't have enough time, then you can also choose to Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACBellsBuy.com and you can enjoy a 50% surprise discount with a discount code.