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H's blog

Si nuay kosa ta ase, ta liga el mal pensamiento, kosa-kosa ta pensa, maski malo ta entra na kabesa. Maskin sabe ya kay malo, kay na pensamiento lang man, ta dale alegria, ohala lang era numa supla mal biento, na porkausa nuay ke kosa ase, pensa ase el kosa debe hinde bweno ase.. Kesyo,, si chene ken ta intende, pabor numa aboroto na otro kay chene aki komo loka yan blog, sabe eo man barang kaya chene miedo
Thingking of doing something out of my character is just too easy, it's different though when you decide to take action and do it, so damn hard! I wish I have the guts to just push through it without thingking all those consequences I might face aftermath..