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JackNapierWayne's blog

the negativity i feel around me is like a bullet to the head. ready to kill.

one pain can kill you. one word can kill you too much love can kill you.

everything is a bullet, a knife, a tragedy waiting to happen. its not like knock knock 

the next minute oops your dead but it is.

every pain every sorrow filled every anger every rage and revenge

it can mostly kill you slowly but surely 

a poison to the soul

you wanna be cured? pray

you wanna learn? be patient

you want something? control 

you hated someone? let it go

voices in my head

telling me im a failure

im nothing

to kill to do everything what needs to be done


is everything worth fighting for?

i wanna be a villain who has a heart of a hero.

achieving the ways no one has desired most. stepping into the darkness and be the light of the very demon or darkness you absorbed. in someways it is a painful process to catch and achieve that goal. when doing all alone.

no matter who you are be the villain

not the hero

be free

be enraged with the desire to have it all

nothing matters if you want it all