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User confessions

had a FMF threesome with my girl's friend last night...all ican say is..WOW!!! 
Feb 11 · Comments: 2 · Tags: threesome
Lately due to a chatter, I've been fantasizing doing gangbangs again. 

My god... All the attention. Men craving on me. Their lustful stares and knowing that I alone can fulfill their needs.

Its satisfying.

The thought of being surrounded by a lot of men. Being a slut for them. Wanting to be used and abused.

Makes my pussy tingle for more.

I want dicks cocks right now. Shit

I want cum on my face, in my mouth. In my pussy.

Dicks pumping inside my ass mouth and pussy all at the same time. Slapping my buttcheeks and face ow shit

Feb 8 · Comments: 10
Hello good morning guys...newbie here...looking for friends who have mutual L such as me. I am a real man with a real PoK's need...I can do it starting with chat...date...and there you go if by by chance once we get comfy with each other we can DO. 

Friends, ladies and gentlemen...Happy DO it day! :)

Jan 27 · Tags: newbie yet fuckie
Senior High Girl here. Thanks for those who supported my last confession

Here: https://kontakan.com/confessions/11

New semester came rolling in. Daming nag-Happy New Year sa Facebook. Some were earnest, some were just to make landi. Pinatulan ko yung isang bati ng batchmate ko. Inaya pa akong mag-coffee. Alam na this.

Saktong nagcoffee after class in a small cafe along Recto (uyyy, may clue), and as expected, it started out wholesome but eventually he was caressing my thighs under my school skirt. We made out inside his car and I sucked his average-sized dick. It was a prize dahil witty and funny naman siyang kachat. But not enough to get a fuck from me.

I'm glad he enjoyed my new year present. :P

And hey, just comment down below if you wanna chat. I'll hit you up. Promise, anonymous tayo. ;)

Jan 19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 19
removal thru a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.   SlimPhoria Keto   The abdominoplasty will entirely take away the extra pores and skin from your belly that's right for ladies following being pregnant. However, for the ones who have gone through weight reduction surgical treatment or a massive SlimPhoria Keto, excess pores and skin isn't always confined to the belly but also consequences inside the buttocks and thighs. Because of this, surgeons will carry out a procedure specially.


Jan 16
I’m into teasing and voyeur. May mga times na I go out to malls without underwears. Not always, depende lang pag feel ko or in the mood. Started the habit nung SHS ako. Minsan no panties, o minsan no bra, or minsan both wala. But I don’t expose too much din naman. I just like the feeling and attention nung mga malilinaw at malilikot ang mata na marunong makapansin.

There was a time na I am having coffee sa Starbucks , sitting alone wearing skirt with to undies. May guy na nakapansin.

Also a time na nakapila sa Jolibee wearing t-shirt with no bra, then the guy cashier natulala di ako agad na ask ng order ko.

Jan 11 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 12
An ex partner introduced me to sex while high on drugs... Never imagined myself doing those things. 

She gave me head while on a bus in the bright morning. She would have me fuck her in the apartment while drinking with my friends. Worst is we would have sex on the stairways which is being uaed by all the tenants. Or we would have sex for atleasrlt 24hrs. 

Those were the days I would like to regret. But honestly, i missed doing them

Jan 5 · Tags: fetish, extreme, exhibitionism
i confessed that i had sexual desires of having sexual intercourse with my cousins or maids but brain and conscience cant bear the consequences of doing it.
Dec 18 '19 · Comments: 2
Girls on social media will post all this "empowering" bullcrap about "I wear what I want, respect me" and all that. Sure, it's true. But most of them are hypocrites.

Personally, I had my school skirt altered shorter as "self-expression." I like the attention. I like to see who has the confidence to objectify me in such a dangerous #MeToo kind of time.

I enjoy it when they stare. I like it when they sit beside me and start an innocent conversation. But I love it when they start caressing my thighs.

Prof man o kapwa estudyante, papayag naman ako kapag bored o nasa mood. ;)
Dec 14 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11
I masturbate 2 to 4x a day ever since 1st year high school. 
Dec 14 '19
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