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Vigora 100 mg Tablet carries Sildenafil, it works with the aid of inhibiting the motion of phosphodiesterase type-5 in the body, it helps in widening (relaxing) the blood vessels which will increase blood waft to the penis and produces an erection in the penis. The most widely wide-spread consequences of this medicine are flushing (feeling of warmth), migraine, wooziness, obscured vision, muscle torment, belly upset, and rash.
Use Cenforce tablet to treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, impotence, masturbation, etc. Symptoms of sexual problems appear when there is not enough blood in the body to get a hard erection. Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence. This causes problems in their sex life when patients experience stress and frustration in them because men want to be aroused for sexual activity but they cannot because there is not enough blood in their penis. This medicine helps men to have wonderful sex! So you buy cenforce online today, during a sex session, and using this pill you can have wonderful sex with your love lady.
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