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How to Style Casual Tops for Women

We all have had that moment of staring at our wardrobe and thinking I really have nothing to wear. And it is not like our closets are empty, quite the opposite, they are usually overflowing. This "phenomenon" can be explained using a sentence; we are simply bored of the clothes we have.

And instead of running to buy new clothes every time, we can restyle what we have to fit different occasions in our lives. But before that, a pro tip, always buy clothes that you can wear in multiple ways. We all know clothes aren’t exactly cheap.

Holapick has some of the most versatile women’s casual clothing collections that you can wear whichever way you like.

Here are a few ways you can restyle women’s casual tops.

  1. With Denim Jeans

When it comes to fashion, jeans and casual tops are the holy grail. There are several ways you can style your casual tops: tie a nice bow at the front, tuck it in, leave it in or leave it somewhere between tucked it.

  1. With A Blazer

If you have on a pair of shorts, you can throw on one of Holapick’s casual tops. And depending on how casual you want to be, you can pair your ensemble with a nice blazer that cuts to your thighs. Don't be afraid to play around with color!

  1. With A Matching Set

And I don't mean a suit, or maybe I am. A great casual top would look amazing with a matching set of either a pair of shorts and a blazer or a skirt and blazer. The shorter the set the better your whole outfit will look.

  1. With Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts have been a fashion trend from way back and after they went under the fashion radar, they are making a comeback.  And what better way to style than with a nice casual top. You can either tuck in the top or tie it at the front, decide how you want to style your women’s casual tops.

  1. With Cool Outwear

Have you checked out Holapick's outwear collection? The combination of their outwear and tops will take your outfit outside this world. Depending on what aesthetic you are going for you can wear, either shorts, a skirt, or jeans with the cool outwear.

With the right casual top, you can play around with it to create iconic looks. There is a set of rules you have to adhere to when it comes to styling them, just make sure they are the right fit and for the right occasion and you will be fine.


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