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I'm driving.

Theft from vehicles happens frequently, and rental cars are a popular target for thieves. They might imitate accidents or other diversionary tactics. Gas stations, highway service areas, and parking lots are all potential locations for theft.

When at a traffic light, pay extra attention. Bags are frequently stolen from passenger seats by thieves on scooters or on foot.

Always keep your doors and windows locked.
Keep your possessions out of sight Make use of secure parking, especially overnight
Never leave anything in a car alone, not even in the trunk.
in a public setting
Thieves frequently target public transit and passenger trains, especially those that serve popular tourist destinations, major cities, and airports. As well as bothering or crowding you, thieves frequently steal your possessions while you're dozing off or preoccupied.

Keep your valuables hidden and safe.

Home invasions

Most often affecting vacation rental properties, home burglaries are concentrated in major cities and coastal regions.

Make careful to secure windows and doors at night and when you are away, whether you are staying in a private or rental property.

food and beverage additives
Never trust strangers with your food or drink while they are unsupervised. Be cautious while taking snacks, drinks, gum, or cigarettes from strangers. These things might contain narcotics that put you at danger of robbery and sexual assault.

Crime victims paper.io 2 paper io
Visit the closest police station (Carabinieri or Polizia di Stato) to report a theft if you are a victim. Keep a copy of your report because you might need it to submit an insurance claim.

For some minor offenses, such theft of property, it is possible to submit a preliminary complaint online in Italian. This might facilitate a quickening of the police station's procedure.

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