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Have money but can't pay Russia defaults on receive moreสมัครสล็อตgreat promotions, minutes that you should not miss, a nice slot website to play, a good website that everyone is guaranteed to challenge. Try to apply for membership easily through the following 3 steps. this foreign debt for the first time in a century

Russia defaulted on its debts for the first time in a hundred years. After the deadline to pay 100 million dollars, or about 3,550 million baht, on Sunday, June 26, although there will be money to pay.

On 27 June 2022, the BBC reported that Russia defaulted on its first international debt since 1918 during the Bolshevik Revolutionary Rebellion. At that time, the Communist leader Vladimir Lenin refused to pay his debts to the Russian Empire.

The last payment default It happened in 1998 during the ruble crisis under Boris Yeltsin's leadership. but manages not to default on foreign debt

Although Russia tried to default on the debt because they do not want to affect the reputation of the country And now Russia has money to pay its debts. But the situation was sanctioned by Western nations in all directions from the Ukrainian war. making it unable to pay foreign creditors Even Russia said it wanted to pay off all debts on time.

Russia previously sent $100 million to the Euroclear Bank. From the 27th of May, which normally will be transferred to creditors. But it appears that this time The money is owed to the bank. does not reach the creditor within 30 days, so it is considered default payment The EuroClear Bank did not specify. Was it interrupted? Just inform that you follow all sanctions measures.

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