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Love and Sex? | Forum

Topic location: Forum home » General » Love and Relationships
Kontakan Apr 21 '18
When was your first time and did you do it out of love or was it just a casual one?
Rod Yngson
Rod Yngson Apr 30 '18
A classmate ushered me to a quickie but that was more of an embarrassment rather than a pleasurable one. It took a trip to a drugstore and a broad spectrum antibiotic. 

But an important "thank you" note I received was the disclosure that I was the first partner to make her reach climax. That was simply awesome.

ishmael herrera
ishmael herrera May 19 '18
need ko kausap or any milf na malibog...
King Fox
King Fox Aug 4 '18
may members ba dito na taga naga city, bicol?
Jhak Dec 11 '19
Lately i have been liking to chat slutty girls who are easy to fuck, I dont knlw if it is healthy but common sex makes me bored already.

By the way, in my experience, touching a girl's pussy while sleeping beside me, whoever they are, feels really great