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Espiya Group
Pasok mga ka-espiya!
158 members
young wild and free 18+ no poser
No poser please welcome and enjoy ur fcking horny  wet life
73 members
Viber Intimate Conversations
Alternative chat for viber users where they can talk openly to anybody with practically any topic that may lead to intimate conversations preferably through voice call.
30 members
Mga babaeng mahilig magpabastos
Girls na mahilig magpabastos, feel free to join
18 members
Nature Lovers
Do you love the outdoors and natural environment. Hiking, walking, camping, beach, parks, etc. Meet other nature lovers!
7 members
Dog Lovers
Do you love dogs? Join this group. Share photos, posts, and meet other dog lovers!
6 members
Online Gamers
Do you play online games? Meet other online gamers. Share tips, videos and photos
6 members
Pen and Coffee
Open for all novelist, a poet, a short-story writer, an essayist, a biographer or an aspiring beginner and also professionals.
6 members
Kontakan Fans
Do you love Kontakan? Join this group to register as a fan and also participate in bete testing of new features.
4 members
Just for fun
4 members
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3 members
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3 members
Do you love chatting? Join this group to meet fellow chatters and make new friends!
2 members
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2 members
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2 members
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1 members
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1 members
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