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by on February 22, 2021

And get prepared to  MLB 21 the show stubs become douchefied, with jackasses pausing, stopping, sliding into early, bunting, asking for prestige help, and asking for friendly quitsYeah, don't take a Friendly Quit if you're winning. It's not delivered with The True Spirit of Friendship.

He dots.He looks pretty solid. 94 Control/96 Break looks nasty, but only 3 pitches makes me reluctant, particularly just topping out in 78 Velo. But I could definitely see how throwing the offspeed a few times could set up some fine dots.Yes he could dot with the fastball to set up and then dot a slider low-and-away vs RHP. He does not seem to have the variance in place that other pitchers have as his windup is very easy to time (that IMO is what makes guys like Hendricks and Osuna very useful - easy timing)

Where do you get Shaw from? He is at the Topps 4 pack right? But you state to select Bichette and Alverez?You're correct! I believe I will swap him for Luis Gonzales to keep the lefty/righty/lefty lineup.

Damn I obtained the infrequent around 3 days then cuz I got everyone out of the Greinke round myself. I simply built in that you would take Salvy in the very first Ducks pack, not thinking you'd need a Topps Now catcher, but that's pretty lucky!I believe I got the infrequent round in my first 2 or 3 DotP packs. Being new in the game I didn't recognize the fortune I had been having hahaha.

Let us make the Sidebar work a little harder for usHey, I published that How to acquire an All-Diamond Team Quickly post yesterday, and have been considering ways this sub could have the Sidebar work a bit harder for us, thus we do not have to  MLB the show stubs 21 maintain fielding the same questions repeatedly. So here's my proposal for an expanded description that could help people find helpful posts, etc, quickly


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