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by on March 17, 2021

2. Head along the wall of Yanille, south of Ardounge, and  OSRS gold along the western wall, you'll discover a portal. Proceed and you'll be at the Archer Tower. Use your invitation with the clerk behind the desk and then go through the doorway.

3. Inside, go up the stairs twice and speak to Peter, and inquire what you can do around here. He says there's a fire arrow competition from another room to the left. Ask what that is. He will say which you need to light your arrows fire and the first to shoot 100 fire arrows at the target wins. He says yow can only input steel arrows along with a yew short bow. Equip both and go into the left room.

4. Indoors, there are 6 large targets, and your competitors' arrows are on the wall. In the corner of the screen, it says new Game in 15 minutes. Then leave through the door, and in the western door. Inside there, talk to the Archer Mage, and inquire if there's a teleport spell for this tower. Now teleport to Varrock and speak with Lowe, the archery store clerk. Ask him about the Flaming Arrows Competition. He states the archers there are the bast flame archers in Gielingor, and he says there's a way to cheat you win.

He gives you a keg full of liquid nitrogen (nitrogen (l) is revealed if you place your mouse on it). Now use your opponents' arrows on the nitrogen to get steel arrows (f) Click on the Teleport pill and select the break option to teleport into the second floor of this Archer Tower. Now go back into the living room and use the suspended arrows onto the arow shelves. Ensure you have your ice gloves on before you do this.

When Peter says GO, utilize your yew logs with the firepit in front of you, then apply your tinderbox with it. Now use your arrows with the flame to get 100 fire arrows. Now click on the flame to get them back. If you don't possess the ice gloves , you may take 8 damage. Now strike to target from supporting the firepit. After approx 1 minute 30 seconds, a message appears in your chat box:

The nitrogen has melted from your opponents arrows. Now your opponents can compete. You should have about 60 arrows left because you fire quicker than ordinary in here, and that means you should win. Now Return to  RuneScape gold buy the Rangers Guild and talk to this Aror Salesman. He will congratulate you. Willing to input the Tower and use the teleport spell (requires 31 magic and 1 legislation rune, 2 fire runes and an air rune) Ability to generate fire arrows. To make fire arrows, light a flame and use any sort of arrows with it. Requires 40 ranged.


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