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by on March 18, 2021

I frankly dont care when people wear the animation hairstyle that they want. Technically my character is wearing what they intended to Animal Crossing Bells be an afro for black women, but it is also the closest hairstyle to my curly, poofy, full of tangles consistently hair. People behave like every white man hairstyle is included, I actually cant find anything close to the Celtic braids I usually wear in game. I know why people are able to get up in arms, but jeez when she would like to wear space buns and those would be the nearest cartoon sprite subsequently SHE'S NOT TRYING TO WEAR AFRO BUNS.

I had been from the Animal Crossing community on Twitter this summer, and that I had to leave it when it became the most toxic place I had ever seen. It was a clusterfuck of people trying to cancel each other always, totally wild.animal crossing - you CANNOT right a civilization in animal crossing. It is hopeless. There is no hairstyle/skin color combinations that may even start to boundary cultural appropriation within the innocent game. Anybody who believes otherwise is simply wrong, and some other succeeding points brought up that proceed against that debate can immediately be ignored, because they're incorrect.

Who else had an image in their heads of what the"distance buns"/"afro puffs" were likely to look like, then clicked the screenshot and was just like"THAT'S what they had been angry about? Lumpy low res dollops of brown pixels!? "It feels like that these people live really vacant lives devoid of actual relationships/careers/hobbies should they have enough time and power to go so tough to something so insignificant.I've actually got an appointment on Friday with someone who apprenticed together and now I am even more eager.

I hate that you simply give Ian Miles Cheong a feeling of legitimacy in this and go on to Buy Nook Miles Ticket discredit polygon. I haven't been around Twitter in months but I can not recall a single tweeet out of him where folks didn't roast him for being a hack

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