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Elena Gilbert
by on January 4, 2022

Working with other airlines since 1929, Delta Airlines was founded in 1925. It took four years to get to the point where they could serve its passengers with all the services in the best way. And ever since, the airline has been carrying people to more than 320 destinations worldwide. 

Delta airline ensures that the people traveling with them have all the in-flight as well as airport services available to them. This is why the airline also offers flight cancellation under Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy along with the flight bookings. 

This policy discusses all the conditions under which the airline lets a passenger withdraw his existing flight bookings. From the 24-hour cancellation policy to the refund, everything is mentioned clearly in this policy. 

This piece talks about the same policy in detail for our readers. We want to make sure that you have a complete idea of what a flight cancellation will come along with. 

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Uner Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, the airline has shaped the perfect set of rules applied on each flight withdrawal. Read them in simpler words below.

  • The 24-cancellation policy: The airline lets you cancel a flight for free under the 24-hour risk-free time zone after booking a flight. This is applicable on every ticket that is purchased at least a week before the departure date of the airline. You can not cancel a last-minute flight booking for free.  
  • If you fail to cancel a pre-booked delta flight ticket within the first 24 hours, then the airline charges a cancellation fee. This fee is usually around $200. However, the exact amount varies depending on various flight-related factors. 
  • In case the airline cancels or delays a flight, they proffer a complete flight fare refund. You can claim a free seat on the next flight flying to your destination. 
  • The airline will credit any refund to your account within a week in the original mode of payment. 

If you have any more questions related to Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, you can reach the customer care service team of the airline and ask for guidance from their expert.


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