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by on April 3, 2021

You see a walnut. As a giant, you grab he oak by OSRS gold the bottom. You rip it from the ground! Now the giant starts ripping it up. If you've just started the ability, you may break a few of the logs you've torn off. The greater lvl the odds are that you wont split it (like cooking). I'll try and create this better after a while of idea (or for some reason this gets closed)

Heres for whatever you combats. Lets say you have made it from seagull to a goblin! It will reveal your name outside these minigames, etc.) It states your username for them to kill, however when they hover on you it shows that there is simply a goblin! The greater for your conversion lvl, the higher of a monster you'll be able to utilize. Would be dragon! You have 2 options of attack. A melee attack, I guess slash, and a magical attack, dragonbreath!all for combat here guys! Ill add more to guess

Heres how you'd charge your transform. There will be certain spots of water, together with the ability to charge your transfrom. You bathe inside for an instant and you're recharged! YAY! Ok, heres how you gain experience. For every time you do harm, or you simply take a skil, such as fishing, hunter, woodcutting, etc., you'd find a little experience. The greater the damage, or the higher the lvl it takes to cut that tree, the more xp u get. Now, I no it will interfere and folks won't need to find the wc xp etc., however you'll also require the lvl necessary from that ability you are using to buy RuneScape Mobile gold perform it. Thats all I could think of for now, I try and add more if possible.

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