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by on April 19, 2021

So you return in time and find Arrav and OSRS gold describe him your own situation. ("a weakling" he predicts you since he is like level 300. Then you say you'll help him prevent the invasion if he lets you maintain the sheild later. (in all this you never ceased to think what could happen to the future!?) Arrav gives you the shield and you return. However, when you arrive, there is not any more a scientist.

The machine is still there however you are standing in the middle of no-were, (where draynor use to be) so that you go to varrock. They see you as meals and (depending on which level you're ) attack you. So you visit the Museum and its not there. Then a standard person comes out of a cellar in the building you're in (you believe its the museum) and requires you below floor level.

Then you ask what's going on. He states,"exactly what!? Have you ever been living in isolation for the past 1000 decades?" . You can't do anything but agree he sighs and clarifies that after Arrav gave the sheild to a stranger thinking the war was won, more zombies emerged from the floor. They took over varrock. So you say to yourself you need to go back and give back the sheild. You go back to where Draynor was go back in time once again.

Then, more zombies come out of the floor. This is exactly what the man was discussing. The second wave. You struggle to get them through and give the sheild to arrav. Then,the wicked king comes and Arrav sacrifices himself to the city. Then after a thank you from buy RuneScape gold the natives, you head back to the current. 

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