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Steve Johnson
by on May 6, 2021

A visit to Florida would not be complete, with no opportunity to appreciate its famous sandy shores. If you are in Orlando, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choices for a while in sunlight. Culture Trip inquires our regional insiders to their top places.


1. Melbourne Beach


Melbourne Beach is home to several of Florida's most endangered inhabitants -- a broad colony of nesting sea turtles. If you go during the night, you will have the ability to observe various species (like loggerheads, leatherbacks, and green sea turtles) emerge from the sea to lay their eggs before lumbering back in the shadow. For an unforgettable experience, have a look at the Sea Turtle Preservation Society's nightly walks. These provide a closer (but suitably distanced) perspective of the nesting turtles in Melbourne Beach, and you will learn a lot about turtle habits, habitats, and conservation efforts on the way. Don't forget to behave responsibly and avoid utilizing flashlights, cameras, or smartphone flashes, because these interrupt the turtles while they are nesting. Get amazing flight fares and deals to visit Orlando with American Airlines Reservations.


2. Fort De Soto Park and Dog Park


Those accustomed to traveling with dogs understand how tricky it is to discover pet-friendly beaches. Fortunately for you, the blue waters of Fort De Soto Park and Dog Park welcome you both with open arms so that your canine companion may frolic along the powdery white sands and revel in the experience as much as you. The committed dog-friendly zones where you can let them are extensive, clean, and secure. In general, it is a beautiful spot to chill together with your budding friend, play a few draws, and perhaps even make friends with additional hound-loving individuals.


3. Cocoa Beach


Cocoa is Orlando's nearby store. Only an hour's drive from the town center is a favorite day excursion for tourists and residents. The place has all of the conveniences you require to get a family day out (picnic areas, restrooms, broad parking) plus an enjoyable dining and shopping scene. The East Coast waves create Cocoa Beach, a favorite place for swimmers and surfers. It is also the gateway into the Kennedy Space Center, making the beach ideal for a relaxing late-afternoon meander following the delight of one of Florida's most prominent tourist attractions.


4. Madeira Beach


It is impossible not to feel comfortable in Madeira Beach. Should you drift upon the sand, then gaze across the bay out of the pier using ice cream in your hand and possibly have a dip in the serene, brilliantly blue sea, then all will look right with the world. An 11/2hr drive from Orlando, it is somewhat less more expensive than other choices -- but well worth it to get the comparative quiet in addition to the dolphin-, subway - and - stingray-spotting chances. Have a wildlife trip or just delight in watching their silhouettes moving round in the space. You may hire boats and jet skis in the companies in John's Pass, the boardwalk place contrary to the shore, where you will also find an attractive assortment of boutiques and dining choices.


5. Smyrna Dunes Park


Orlando stands Smyrna Dunes Park, a dog-friendly beachside nature book covering five distinct habitats (sea, river, dunes, wash zone, and saltwater marsh). Extensive rest places and boardwalk paths make the place ideal for days out -- bring a picnic and make it a day to remember. Smyrna can be one of only three beaches in Florida where beach driving is allowed, so if you're searching for a new adventure, this should be in your to-do listing. Parking can become quite aggressive in the future in the daytime, so arrive early.

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