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by on May 15, 2021

Hey I do not deny that, I just hate it this is the way the game has been handled. Had I known that this was how it was gon na na be, and Animal Crossing Bells I would need to wait years before we even got Nintendo brand items in game, I would have skipped this game. Pokemon Sword and this AC game have taught me not to preorder any sport ever again.

You're able to get these small usb dongles you adhere in the dock that let you use pretty much any controller with it, Ive been using my 3rd party ps4 controller and a ps5 one. Only downside is it's one control per dongle but it is a nice choice to have and they're just about £15 a popup.

Animal crossing is for relaxing. BOTW and games such as odyssey are EXPERIENCES you can dive into. You have much less in your hands, more RNG, exploration etc.. (No danger to creature crossing of course, the games seem great)

Among my cousins scarcely knew what he was doing but had a great time participating together with buy Animal Crossing Items the slightly older children!

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