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by on September 13, 2022

Li Zhonghua was slightly stunned! Hao Yun-niang thought for a moment and then said with a smile, "This old man must be Kang Jiuhou's enemy. The residents in the vicinity of Huaxi all respectfully call him Mr. Kang. Kang Bingsui didn't show up after saying goodbye last night. There's a lot to be said about it. Maybe he's living in a cloud of doubt on Hezhou." As soon as Li Zhonghua looked around, he saw that the old man had disappeared. He couldn't help but be shocked. Hao Yun-niang said, "Don't worry about that. Let's talk about it when we go. If Kang Jiuhou refuses to accept it, we'll be polite. We're just on our way to Kunming." Li Zhonghua nodded and drove the donkey away. After walking for a moment, he saw a square pavilion, hidden among the willows. In the center of the stream was a small island shaded by green trees, and the houses were completely covered. The two men tied the donkey to the trunk of the tree and walked slowly into the pavilion, only to see a man sitting in the pavilion, his eyes showing his sharpness and his expression haughty. As soon as the three of them saw Li Chung-hua and Hao Yun-niang enter, they were all attracted by Hao Yun-niang's gorgeous light, and their six eyes stared at the girl for a moment. Hao Yun-niang could not help picking her willow eyebrows and showing a faint sense of anger. Li Zhonghua stepped forward, folded his fists and said with a smile, "Excuse me, are the three brothers under Master Kang?" The three men were still sitting down and moving. One of them, with a scar on his face and a ferocious expression, looked up at Li Zhonghua and said coldly, "So what?"? So what if it's not? Although Li Zhonghua was angry in his heart, he thought that the other party was a rough man. If he was under Kang Jiuhou, it would be difficult to meet him because of the conflict. He had the mentality of committing a crime. He said with a slight smile, "If Brother Tai is under Kang Daxia, please report to me that I am Li.." Before he had finished speaking, the man stared fiercely and said,fake blossom tree, "Didn't you ask to see him?"? Friend, you go on an empty trip. Mr. Kang hasn't seen a guest for a long time. He can't make exceptions to his friends. Even if he wants to see them, he can't meet a nobody. The man's reply was extremely rude. Li Zhonghua was too strong to restrain himself. He waited to say more. When he saw the girl flashed out from her side, he knew she was going to hurt someone. He called out hurriedly, "Sister Yun, you can.." But listen to "Pa Pa" two crisp sound, the man two cheeks each in a palm heavy, immediately in front of the golden flower chaos, fell to the ground. Seeing this,large ficus tree, the other two big men were furious. They both jumped up, and the knife came out like the wind, splitting the girl's face and arm. Hao Yun-niang was so angry that the three of them were sitting arrogantly and speaking so rudely that they could not help but feel the desire to punish them. They saw the light of the knife running like lightning. They snorted angrily, raised their hands, and had already started the operation. With a flash of their flying fingers, the two of them had already touched the acupoint of acid and numbness, and fell to the ground and rolled and shouted. Before Li Zhonghua could stop them, the girl had already punished the three men in a flash of lightning. The girl turned around and said angrily, "Brother Hua, let's go!" Said the figure looked out of the pavilion. With a sigh, he followed the girl out of the pavilion, untied the donkey's reins and rode away. ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ At the beginning of the Shen Dynasty, on the Zhenning Road in Anshun, two healthy donkeys were running fast with their legs down. After riding, they pulled up two plumes of dust and smoke, which filled the air. Riding on a man and a woman, large palm trees for sale ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, are covered with a black scarf, look at the expression seems to have the meaning of mysterious signs. In midsummer, on Tiannan Road, the fire umbrella is high, flowing gold and stone, so hot that it is almost breathless and sweaty. All of a sudden, the young man said, "Ah yo," and the reins were reined in. As soon as the strong donkey ran forward, it slowed down. The young girl also slowed down her pace. The young man laughed and said, "Sister Yun, I didn't expect it to be so hot today. There's probably still an hour to go before we get to Zhenning. Let's lodge early." The young girl looked back at the road and said, "It's up to you. I found a lot of martial arts masters on this road today. I think they all rushed to Kunming. Listen to the rapid hoofbeats behind you. It seems that there are many people coming." The boy looked back and saw that the dust and smoke were high in the distance, the sound of hooves was dull and thunderous, and many riders were running in the smoke. , They reeled to the side of the road, out of the way, and saw that they were riding like flying, and in the twinkling of an eye they were near. There were six people and six riders, all of whom were tall horses with anxious expressions and wild whips. One of the riders was still holding a young man with blood stains all over his body and a face like gold paper. Teenagers can't help but be stunned! Then he heard the faint sound of hoofbeats behind him. "Sister Yun," he said, "I'm afraid it's another murder in Jianghu. I can catch up with you. ” The girl snorted and said, "You are still a famous warrior in the martial arts world. Such a murder in Jianghu happens almost every day. Besides, Tiannan Wulin is in an eventful autumn. You are really rare and strange." The teenager smiled awkwardly. At this moment, behind the pursuit of riding has swept over the front, riding a lot, about a dozen people, the wind and lightning, passing in front of them, are surprised to look back. Suddenly, the boy exclaimed, "No, there are people in Huajiapu riding behind us. Let's go and have a look." The girl didn't know why he had become so nosy recently. "That's a good thing, Brother Hua," she said angrily. "Are you afraid you haven't caused enough trouble?" The boy laughed and said, "How about I just look on and never stretch out my hand?" The girl could not resist him, and they both rode away with whips. This pair of young men and women are Li Zhonghua and Hao Yunniang. As soon as Li Zhonghua got on the horse, he saw that the two figures in front of him had gone without a trace, but because of the undulating terrain, they had disappeared between the hills and valleys. Sky color street is early, two people already from enter town peaceful in the city "get get" hoofbeat, knocking flagstone street, clear to the ear. Li Zhonghua suddenly gave a low cry and pointed with his hand. "Look, Sister Yun," he said. Hao Yun-niang followed her gaze, only to see a sunken piece of Shangping on the left side. On one side of Shangping was a horse stake tied to two groups of tall horses she had seen before. They were bending their necks and chewing grass beans. Looking again, it was an inn in Shangping, and the two of them could not help wondering why the two groups of people were together? It was said that the group in front of him should be kept away, but he couldn't think of a clue, so he unconsciously pushed the healthy donkey into Shangping. The shopkeeper flew out of the shop, held the reins, and bowed down to come in. The two men entered the shop and saw that there was a hall in front of the shop. There were more than ten tables,faux grass wall, which were sparse. There were already seven or eight tables with people sitting on them. On the way, there were more than ten people riding on two big round tables. Their faces were covered with a gauze scarf, which attracted a lot of attention. Li Zhonghua and Hao Yun-niang chose a seat and sat down. hacartificialtree.com

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