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by on September 13, 2022

Hearing this, Wang Xun thought to himself, "No, Lord Huo, how can you say that?". You didn't stop me when I said I wanted to tell you just now. Now that your majesty is unhappy, you sent me instead. If everyone can see the wind and steer like Wang Xun, how can I mix in front of Your Majesty in the future. So Wang Xun, in order to prove to Long Lingxin that he was also very good at seeing the wind, picked up the celadon covered bowl next to him and took a bowl of chicken soup and handed it to Long Lingxin. He said courteously, "Your Majesty, if you have a toothache and can't eat, you can drink a bowl of chicken soup first!" Long Ling thought to himself, "What are you doing? Even if you see that I can't eat for Sima Yao, you don't have to cover it up like this!"! Think of glass also forget, he has always been very considerate, Wang Xun you join in the fun. To think so, Long Lingxin picked up Wang Xun's chicken soup and drank it slowly. As she drank, Long Lingxin suddenly remembered something. She hooked her index finger at Wang Xun. Seeing this, Wang Xun put it close to her mouth. Long Lingxin asked gently, "How is the matter of'Ghost Sorrow 'going?" "I'm doing my best." As soon as Wang Xun said this, he knew it was wrong. He thought, "Oh, I should say," Everything is going well. "Only in this way can I show my outstanding ability and live up to your expectations. How can I, Wang Xun I, always be stupid in front of Your Majesty? Your Majesty is so bad that he always asks me the most difficult questions when I am unprepared. Thought hurriedly added: "Your Majesty rest assured, as long as it is your Majesty's job, Wang Xun will go through fire and water, will not hesitate." Oh It turns out that Aiqing is really infatuated with me, which is very comforting! Long Lingxin smiled and said, "Notice that Long Lingxin said" infatuation ", not" loyalty ", obviously she was making fun of Wang Xun." I also count on your majesty to take care of the minister's'infatuation ', the New Year can send a few more reward silver! Wang Xun knew that Long Lingxin was joking, so he followed her words. Aiqing can rest assured that the silver reward must be indispensable. But I want to see how many errands Aiqing can do for me in line with her'infatuation 'for me. Long Lingxin said and thought, do you think I gave the silver reward during the festival for nothing? It's broken. Your Majesty's way of inviting you into the urn is so clever that he got me in. But for the sake of the New Year's reward, Wang Xun gritted his teeth and said, "Your Majesty has to tell me what to do, and I will obey you." As the saying goes, money makes the mare go. Seeing that Wang Xun agreed, Long Lingxin whispered in his ear, "Go and help me check Sima Yao's previous love history, especially the past between him and Princess Nangong." As soon as Wang Xun heard this, he felt that the job was thankless and could not be found out. It seemed that his means were not high enough. But really find out something, I'm afraid to your majesty and Sima Yao two people to offend. Suddenly, his whole face was pulled into a bitter gourd shape, Agate Stone Price ,Marble Projects, which was even uglier than his usual colleagues who asked him to treat him. Long Lingxin looked at Wang Xun's embarrassed face and understood his suffering. He pressed him on the chair on the right and said, "Don't worry, I won't embarrass you.". Sima Yao will not know about this. I just vaguely feel that Princess Nangong may be related to Sima Yao's previous pursuit, so I let you investigate this matter, there is no other meaning. Aiqing, it's rare for you to come here. Although you've had dinner, you'd better eat a little more casually. With these words, he ordered people to add another pair of bowls and chopsticks. Hearing what Long Lingxin said, Wang Xun felt that there was indeed some subtle connection between the two things, and immediately became interested. Besides, Wang Xun was really hungry, and the food in front of him was so attractive, so he picked up the bowls and chopsticks he had just added and ate them hungrily. When Huo Sili saw Wang Xun like this, he couldn't help looking at him and thinking, "It's good for you to make your majesty lose his appetite. You're eating so happily now.". Wang Xun looked at Huo Sili and knew what he was thinking, but he didn't care: "Lord Huo, why are you so jealous?"! You stay by your majesty's side every day, beautiful clothes, delicious food, the New Year is divided into years, and it's all the best. How can I compare with you. I have a simple meal in Dali Temple every day. It is rare for Your Majesty to invite me to have a good meal today. Do you have an opinion? Think of here, the moment to eat more happy. When Long Lingxin saw that Wang Xun had eaten so much, he thought to himself, "Have you really had dinner?"? It's like a wolf coming down the mountain. With these words, he put a large piece of sweet and sour perch into Wang Xun's bowl and said, "Aiqing, you eat this." Then Long Lingxin saw that Huo Sili didn't move his chopsticks very much, so he scooped up a spoonful of fried shrimps and put them in his bowl, saying, "Sili, you should eat more, too." Long Lingxin knows that Huo Sili likes to eat this dish. When Huo Sili saw what Long Lingxin said, he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat. As he ate, he thought, Lord Wang, you are so embarrassed to let Your Majesty personally set up dishes for you! Wang Xun had nothing to be embarrassed about. When he was full of soup and food, he put down his bowls and chopsticks contentedly and said, "I was negligent for a moment and forgot a very important sentence.". Yesterday, I received a letter from the flying pigeon saying that Sima Yao had explicitly rejected Princess Nangong's good intentions and was scheduled to set sail for home tomorrow. I estimated that if it went well, it would arrive in ten days. As soon as he said this, he had a miraculous effect. Long Lingxin immediately felt a good appetite. He picked up his chopsticks and said, "I don't have any toothache anymore. I want you to order someone to add a few more dishes to the imperial kitchen. I want to eat a little more." Huo Sili immediately stood up and said, "I'll go by myself.". Let the imperial kitchen cook some delicate dishes that your majesty likes at ordinary times. One side in the heart thought: "Wang Xun you simply bully people too much, even your majesty also tease up, you really dare not put me in the eye.". If I don't give you a taste of my power today, I will be the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in vain! Thinking of this, Huo Sili turned around with a shallow smile on his lips and said, "Lord Wang, Sili,Calacatta Nano Glass, I remember that you still owe me two hundred taels of silver for gambling."! Last time you said you had no money at the end of the month. Now that Your Majesty has promised to give you a reward for the New Year, you can return it to me with interest during the New Year. Without waiting for Wang Xun to answer, he went to the imperial kitchen by himself. forustone.com

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