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markus zusak
by on September 19, 2022

Carton flow rack is a space-saving device that reduces the number of aisles. This system offers direct access to every pallet. Mobile Pallet racks are commonly used in cold and frozen stores, where space is most important.

Space saving

Hybrid rack, which is a multilevel structure used to hold stacks of heavy pallets and is popular for storage in almost all industries, can be described as a multilevel unit. With storage space becoming scarcer, it is essential to make more of it. Pallet racks have been transformed into mobile pallet racks. Each rack can be mounted on a mobile platform frame. The height of the base frames is typically 245 mm. Due to the many motors located in the base frames, the driving force can be evenly distributed. The wheels are made of special high-quality steel and can handle very high loads.

This new technology provides a sensor-controlled navigation system for the mobile pallet rack system. Tracking mobile base frame movements. Find solutions to wheel twisting problems, jamming and derailment. If the sensor can't follow the perfect path due to an obstacle, blockage, or other reason, the drive will stop immediately, thereby avoiding more damage.


Archive Storage Rack Designed specifically for your requirements. We are the industry leader in offering record storage solutions as well as archival storage rack systems. These racks can be used to maximize storage space in a variety of industries. Storage space will be essential for any business that is growing rapidly. Distribution X can provide a variety purpose-built archival storage racks or systems to meet your needs. This includes steel shelving and medical and X-ray shelves, riveted shelf, mobile isle shelving, mezzanine and mezzanine shelving, and other types of pallet racks required by different industries.

Carton flow

Carton-flow rack system to store components in a warehouse. These are made from metal or plastic roller systems that use gravity loads that slide under guide rollers. Carton Flow Racks can be placed in general warehouse production plants, along with assembly lines, and in commodity storage center. Distribution X strives to provide our customers with the best, most reliable products available today.

While we offer Carton Flow LiFO Systems, our majority of customers use FIFO Industrial Shelving Systems, or more frequently Carton Live Storage Racking Systems. These systems can be used with either unloaded conveyor belts, or manual handling. Equipped with feed conveyor rollers. The Hybrid Racking System allows full visibility of inventory on the "conveyor". This means that the picking aisles may be filled and the replenishment or storage solution can take place simultaneously with the "picking". Highly efficient warehouse racking system with minimal stoppage and downtime. FIFO storage solutions save time and keep inventory fresh.

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