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Alex Wills
by on November 28, 2020

Are you considering a unique way to light your concrete walkways, driveways, or your patio? If so, you might have seen glow stones. Glow stones glow in the dark rocks that can be mixed in with concrete or asphalt materials and illuminate qualities after the sunsets. For those curious about putting glow stones to work in their backyard, take a look at some of the top benefits that can be gained.



It doesn't cost much more to add glow stones to your concrete or asphalt pour. When you consider the amount of beauty and lighting you'll receive from the glowing stone, it often offsets the initial investment. You also don't need that many glow stones as you might think. There are also some discounts that might be available when you purchase in bulk. 


Better Lighting

For areas that have inaccessible electric outlets, you can light the way with glow stones. Having better lighting is something many homeowners desire as it can prevent accidents from happening, and it can provide a clear path to anywhere they choose. Many like to have lighting on the way to their pool, into a wooded area, or only leading to their back door. You can also use it for things like lighting the way to a dumpster for better trash management.


Zero Energy Usage

Because glow stones don't require any electrical use, you won't be spending any extra money. Most homeowners can rejoice in the fact that they're not adding to their electric bill every month while still getting a beautiful lighting effect. Glow stones need to be put in a well-lit area for them to work effectively. 


Long Life

With the installation of a Glowing pathway, you can expect a beautiful transformation. Glow stones aren't all created equally, so it's essential that you look for those with higher glow ratings when you shop for them. Some stones produce up to 60% better glow capabilities than standard. One of the top aggregates producers is Ambient Glow Technology, which offers an incredible selection of glow stones for pathways, lighting boxes, and many more applications. 

Creating a beautiful exterior space is undoubtedly one reason to choose glow stones. When you factor in that there is no additional work that needs to be done, and they run on the sun's energy, it's a win-win. Choosing your glow stone provider is an essential part of getting optimal effects. These aren't all created the same, and some have better lighting capabilities than others.

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Topics: glowing pathway
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