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mark Johnson

These days, couple of aol users believe in using the outlook application. So they can add the email account on this platform, and save the mail data. in future, it they don’t have internet or travel at other location. They can manage the email data easily. Although, AOL is compatible with the outlook application but still some users may have minor issues while using it. At such point of time, they might see some errors like-

Can’t log into aol mail.

AOL mail is not receiving the emails problems.

When outlook can’t receive emails from aol mail account. you need to check the email settings.  here are the guide to fix that error.

aol not receiving emails

How to fix aol mail not receiving emails on the outlook application problem?

  1. If you can’t receive emails on the outlook application and it keeps showing you the authentication error. please check the username and password for the aol mail account. you may update a new password on the outlook application by going to the account settings.
  2. If you see the syncing error on the computer, it means, something is wrong with the user settings. so you need to check the imap/pop3 server settings. most probably, something is wrong with the aol mail server settings. so you need to delete them and then retry to access the aol mail account.
  3. Sometimes, outlook is unable to sync from the aol server because of the internet connection issue. so you need to make sure that the internet is working perfectly fine there is no issues related to the computer settings.
  4. Let’s delete the aol account from the outlook application and then re-add the outlook application using the valid login & server details.

If you have already made the changes into the account but aol won’t let you access the email account. you need to visit askprob blogs for more help. There you will find the complete guide related to the aol mail problems.


Topics: aol, email problems
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