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Ruchi Singh

If you are looking for a holiday destination or place to spend time with family and friends, then Delhi is the best option for you. In Delhi, there are historical places and fun/picnick places where most families come to spend the weekend in these places. If you are looking for the best Delhi Darshan package, then you can get the best deal from Wings Tour N Travels, the best travel company in Delhi. Here you can get a Delhi darshan package for just Rs. 2300/- one day with four members of your family and four destinations in Delhi with Maruti Suzuki. There are some places for Delhi Darshan.


  • India Gate
  • Qutub Minar
  • Lotus Temple
  • Red Fort

Visit here for Book Delhi Darshan Package: https://wingstourntravels.in/tours/india/new-delhi/Delhi-Darshan-Local-Sightseeing-Package-With-Price-Itinerary ;

Also Visit here for more places in Delhi



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