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Missing wallaby Winnie found after great escape in County Tyrone



An on-the-run wallaby that got out of its enclosure on Sunday has been found safe and well in County Tyrone.

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Marsupial Winnie - one of two of the animals who live at Glenpark Estate near Omagh - escaped by leaping over a fence after becoming startled.

She was found late on Wednesday less than 1000 yards from where she had escaped, her owners said.

Owner of Glenpark Estate, Richard Beattie, told BBC News NI he was "over the moon to have her back".

Mr Beattie said he would like to thank those who has supported the search for the "little rascal on her little adventure".

"We couldn't be happier, and can whole heartedly assure you Winnie is none the worse after the great escape," he said.

Wallabies, which are native to Australia, are smaller than kangaroos and are about 1m (3ft) tall on average.

Dozens of well-wishers celebrated her return on social media, including the Australian embassy in Ireland, which welcomed the "great news coming out of Tyrone".

"She had been sitting in the long, long overgrown grass, covered by it. We know that's where she has been but every time we got close she just kept running through it," Mr Beattie told BBC News NI.

"We knew we would get her, it was just a matter of when and where.

"She is in good health and none the worse for wear for her three-day adventure."

Richard said a friend, complete with night vision camera had joined the search for Winnie on Wednesday night.

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