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With the aid of Mapquest Driving Directions, locate driving instructions, maps, real-time traffic updates, and road conditions. Find neighboring establishments, eateries, and lodging. One of the oldest online mapping services in the United States is Google maps driving directions.

Get detailed walking or driving directions to the location of your choice. Bing Maps route optimization helps you beat and avoid traffic congestion.


Using the map below your current position as a guide, click the desired location, then pick "Directions" to customize the directions.


Pick your preferred mode of transportation (car or walk)


To find your present location, click the gray arrow next to the "Start Searching" box on the right.


In the boxes on the left side of the screen, enter your beginning (or finishing, if you didn't use a finding service) and destination locations.


If more are needed, add them (option).


Set your route's parameters, such as the distance unit system, tolls, and avoid highways (option).


View the route, and you're off and running!


To change the pre-planned path to suit your preferences, drag and drop it.


Remember: You can always use Driving Directions to reroute you by clicking the find me icon (next to the zoom icons) and letting it utilize your current location (as determined by the Wi-Fi/GPS signal in your browser/device)!




Where do the mapquest directions data come from? For its current mapping system, Driving Directions generates maps and driving directions using data from TomTom.

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