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by on July 26, 2021

Catapults must be filled with rocks or RS gold bombs from your base of operations. You can also attack the gate of the enemy base using battering rams at your base. Your NPCs will start to attack you when you take on the fort of the enemy. Tower Rangers and Fortress Mages will appear at your fort and slash you with the arrows. Battle Mages who have a lower than half health will use blood barrage. If you encounter this, prepare to fight.

When the walls have been weakened by the enemies, go to the base. If your walls fall down, use the water bucket with the fires the enemy lights to knock them out. You win if the base is destroyed completely or the entire NPC-fighter team is dead.

Rewards Do not be critical of rewards. Instead, suggest alternatives. It's difficult to come up with good rewards. Elemental Arrows can only be shot using an esoteric bow or greater. You can deal damage to any enemy that is located within a grid of 5x5. These can only be used after you have completed Elemental Workshop Part I.

Vanguard Shield- This shield is powerful and can be used to buy OSRS gold provide defense. It also comes with an extra prayer benefit. It is possible to increase your proficiency by gaining experience in defense. Fancy Stew – A new dish that must be prepared. It can be cooked at any level of cooking. However, you might prefer to cook it at a higher degree. Heals 25 which is the most in the game. I don't have any more ideas, so I'll wait to see what you guys think.

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